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“If you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further”

Thank you again for inquiring! As you scroll down, you’ll find answers to a lot of your burning questions. And maybe most importantly, how much it costs to have our renowned DJ collective bring your musical vision to life.

Choosing the right entertainment for your celebration is a big decision, so do take your time with it. Please know that we pride ourselves on my professionalism and work really hard to ensure every event we perform at is exceptional and one that people will remember fondly for a long, long time. That’s incredibly important to us. If you haven’t done so already, please read some reviews here and here from past clients, all of whom would be more than happy to drop you a nice note on our behalf. And don’t forget to check out some of our mixes or drop by our Spotify page for some nice curated sets and playlists to get a great idea of our style.

Our group of DJs have collectively performed at over 1,000 weddings & private events throughout US. We truly believe our experience, expertise and reputation

in the industry is unmatched, and that your event will be in the best hands possible.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask. Customized packages and event add-ons are always available.




This includes our time, expertise, sounds (and everything in between) for a

full day of celebrating (ceremony, cocktail, dinner & dancing). To secure your date, we kindly request a signed contract and a deposit of $1,000 which will be applied to your final balance. Please inquire about additional options for after-hours or multi-day events. *Rate is exclusive to our Newport event partners.

We accept:

• Check
• Venmo
• Paypal
• Zelle



WE DO have awesome, top of the line equipment and sound to power a small concert, with modular audio set ups for any situation

WE DO have a huge library of music and many exclusives/edits you won't find anywhere else, making the sound style truly unique

WE DO custom-tailor the sound to your tastes and play the perfect music for the people in attendance

WE DO read the crowd in real-time throughout the event and build the energy up or down accordingly

WE DO arrive at your event many hours before we’re booked to play

WE DO come to your event dressed to impress in style - whether in a custom tailored suit, tuxedo, dress or fashionable cocktail party attire

WE DO work with you every step of the way, making the process seamless (+ fun!)


WE DO NOT have any hidden fees, agendas or bad vibes

WE DO NOT charge extra for set up or break down time (or the many little things we always do in between)

WE DO NOT play iPods, iTunes or CDs (real DJ mixing only)

WE DO NOT play any types of desperate music OR those funny songs with goofy dances associated to them (sorry Macerena folks and Cha Cha sliders)

WE DO NOT offer lighting or crazy laser shows (dancing is much, much better when it’s dark and sexy. trust us on this one)

WE DO NOT talk on the mic all night (no corny jokes or overly hyping up the crowd. only the necessary, tastefully made announcements will be heard)



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Joe Del Buono

The purveyor of sound + fun, JDB began cutting his teeth rocking school dances and selling $5 cassette mix tapes in the late 90s, honing his skills through Emerson College radio and the nightclub circuit in the 2000s, to now performing at over 300+ private events all through the North East to become one of the region’s most sought after DJs and music specialists.

Malyna Oupravanh

Boston-based, open-format nightclub turned wedding/events DJ with an eclectic flair. With a little over a decade of experience under her belt,

Malyna has been able to bring the allure & energy of a club party over to fun, chic and professional settings that will for sure make an impression.

Joel lawrence

Mid-Atlantic's own "Lord Easy" has been leading parties as a DJ, karaoke host and musician for the better part of 20 years. He began DJing in earnest in 2002 following a move to New York City and has been spinning records at bars, clubs, house parties and weddings ever since.

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